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Thursday, May 24, 2012

nailXchange's My Birthday Giveaway

nailXchange: My Birthday Giveaway: It's my Birthday!  And since it's my Birthday, that special day that happens once a year, I did some nail polish shopping for myself and for...

Another awesome nail polish giveaway i have found on someone else's random blog :D

This time you'll get the chance to win the following brand new items:

1 Wibo Express Growth Nail Polish in No. 49 (An emerald green with gold micro flakes) FYI,this is super gorgeous,it's my second favorite color of them all ;)

1 Wibo Express Growth Nail Polish in No. 345 (A purple / green duochrome) My third favorite nail polish color in here :D

1 Wibo Express Growth Express Nail Polish in No. 354 (A magenta with blue micro shimmer) My fifth/last favorite color is this red one,cause i don't know why but the color doesn't catches my eyes at all :(

1 Wibo Express Growth Nail Polish in No. 355 (A medium blue metallic) My fourth favorite color in all of the nail polishes colors here

And lastly the bonus gift 'Max Factor Mini Nail Polish in Fantasy Fire Ohh...I love this a lot too,it's currently on my wishlist <3.<3

Again,this giveaway is Open Internationally so anyone in any country also can join it and the closing date is on 25th May, 2012 (only 1 more days to join it) :(

So that's it :D And good luck to all who's joining :D


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