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Sunday, May 20, 2012

Irsada's Beauty-full World: MY SPRING & SUMMER GIVEAWAY!!!

Irsada's Beauty-full World: MY SPRING & SUMMER GIVEAWAY!!!: Hello, I reached already over 800 readers and this needs to be celebrated, and didn't I promise you a new giveaway. ^^ So ONE luck...

Hello guys,today i might be posting a lot of giveaways by other beauty blogger for you guys to join it :D

And here's the second ones i saw which has my favourite brand of all time Urban Decay Cosmetics,but this giveaway is Urban Decay's newest Nail Polish Set...Showboat Nail kit

Anyways,this giveaway comes with 2 prize which is:

1 Urban Decay Showboat Nail Kit
1 O.P.I Spring Minis,i'm not what's the name of this :p
(All items are brand new,never been used :D)

This giveaway starts on 12th May, 2012 at midnight EST and ends on 16th June, 2012 at midnight EST,according to her blog :p

And more importantly,it's Open Internationally !!!

So good luck to all :D

P/S: All of the giveaways that i posted on this blog i have also joined,so wish me luck too,much appreciated if u do XD


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