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Monday, December 20, 2010

OPI Fake vs Original

Yes, if your question is "are imitations of opi glaze ?????" Unfortunately, the answer is yes.
And I, chickens, there are falling, but at least with this article can prevent any of you can pay for an OPI and end up with one of these disgusting things, because they are really well done and to a less experienced eye may seem original.

1) COLOR The most simple and easy to understand if the enamel is original or not is to see if the color matches the name: this should be "Funky Donkey" which is a purple, but instead is a kind of blue ... => FAKE!!!
To check, put the name of the glaze on google or even better here and see what

color nail polish should be.

2) the inscriptions written on the front must be accurate and not crooked;
 - Look carefully at the character with which it is written on 5, because it is very special;
- To touch the writing is important and is a little rough, if you try to scratch or clean the bottle with the solvent does not spoil, rather than imitations of rubs off easily.

- Behind the other hand there must be 4 symbols, if they miss one or are not in the same order as the original ... => FAKE!!!
WARNING: The disposal of old collections (for old I mean like those before 2000) do not bear the ultimate symbol.

3) BALLS Inside the bottle of OPI original there are two balls, if they fail ... => FAKE!!!

4) THE PLUG The original one is rough

- Also the above is different ... the original says "opi" chubby more and more important

- Inside, the original cap is not smooth, but has "teeth"
WARNING: in this case, the disposal of old collections are different, but the dummy does not resemble at all.

- The brush is written (OPI to see it maybe you should clean it a little bit)

5) LABELS Under the bottle should be two labels:

Below this, there must be another label like this:

If there are or have different ... => FAKE!!!

6) SERIAL NUMBER All the bottles have a number stamped on the top of the bottle, I could not fotagrafarlo because it is relatively difficult to see, but if you look carefully you can find it.
If there is or is written rather than engraved ... => FAKE!!!

7) The 'SMELL  Maybe I'm spoiled, but the copies they stink terribly, while the OPI have an odor much more "soft".

How to avoid buying a fake? The only way is to buy from vendors and authorized official (remember, the official website of Italian ) that give you the assurance that the enamel is original.
Beware always low prices and always check that the name matches the color.

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