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Sunday, May 20, 2012

❀ Dream Makeup's ❀ Sigma Beauty Eyeshadow Palette Giveaway!!!

❀ Dream Makeup ❀: Sigma Beauty Eyeshadow Palette Giveaway!!! *Opens ...: The Prize: 1 of Sigma Beauty's Eyeshadow Palette (Winner’s choice)

And this is the seventh giveaway i found for today :p

Oh My Gosh!!! Seriously??? There's a giveaway for a Sigma Beauty Eyeshadow Palette of my choice going on right now?? But you can only choose 1 of the 3 eyeshadow palette in the picture below,but who cares,as long as it's anything from Sigma Beauty,i'm happy :'D

Because i've been wanting to try Sigma Beauty products for a long time now too,but can't afford it,especially the brushes,way too pricey for me,plus even if there is a custom,it will charge me like crazy too :'(

Anyways,here is the picture from the giveaway's website

And again!!! This giveaway is Open Internationally,so anyone in any country can join it...Yipeee :p

And the closing date is on 21st July, 2012 EST,technically,you still have 2 Month 1 Day,so you don't have to be in the hurry to join it,take your time,plenty of times spare Lol :p

So good luck to y'all who joined this giveaway :D


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