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Monday, May 21, 2012

Glam Polish's 1500 Follower Giveaway - China Glaze On Safari Collection.

Glam Polish: 1500 Follower Giveaway - China Glaze On Safari Col...: I have been anticipating the release of the China Glaze On Safari Collection since I saw the first promo pics last year and am excited to b...

Oh My Gosh!!! Yet another giveaway i have found from Google :D

This time is also about...China Glaze,and this time you got to choose any 6 of the China Glaze's newest collection 'On Safari' nail polishes at the bottom pictures :D

So you'll get to choose:
(Names all lists from left-right)

Elephant Walk, Exotic Encounter, Jungle Queen, Call Of The Wild

Manhunt, Purr-fect Plum, Prey Tell, Adventure Red-y

I'm Not Lion, I Herd That, Kalahari Kiss, Desert Sun

Ok,so you get to choose any 6 of your favorite China Glaze nail polishes from these pictures if you are lucky enough to win :D

But i'm not sure whether it's Open International or what but i do know the closing date of this giveaway,it's on 30th June, 2012 if i'm not mistaken Lol,so you have plenty of time left,no need to rush unless you just know about this on the almost deadline date :(

Anyways,good luck to all you beauties out there who joins it :D


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