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Thursday, May 17, 2012

Feeling Lucky

Oh My Gosh guys!!! i am feeling so super lucky and superr exited right now,i won 3 total giveaway/contest in a month :D

First time was from Chloe.Ash,i won a Dior Nail Polish in Incognito 
At the first time i saw this color in Google Image,i instantly fell in love with the color,it is like a Nudish-Pinkish color which i really really really love right now,it's just simply gorge-ouss in many ways 

Here's the pic of the Dior Nail Polishes to win on her website:
( Names from left-right ):

Incognito, Riviera, Lucky and Plaza

And second time i participate in a Mother's Day Contest with my mum from Lilian Hii,who's the founder/owner of the group Beauty is Flirty! What you think? ,sadly i felt so alone that i'm the only one who joined it but since no one else joins it too,i won 2 stuffs which is a Rimmel Lasting Finish Nail Polish in shade 035 Wine Not and a Australis Paparazzi Perfect HD Blush 

Here's the pic of the winning prize on Beauty Is Flirty!

And the third time is from Inglot Asia's Share,Tag & Win AMC Lip Gloss of your choice,but i haven't decided which color should i choose yet though,cause they have so many amazing 3D Effect Color to choose from,which is really tempting to see :p

But i take a snapshot of their picture stated i won,which i am very overly exited when i saw this :'D

So,that's all but i'm really really happy that i won something,this is already considered a big winning for me as i never win before :D

P/S: Copyrights for the pictures above are belongs to Chloe.Ash AKA Lily,Lilian Hii and Inglot Asia



  1. Congrats Nicole dearie...Do post pictures of your prizes after receiving :)

    1. Thanks Arpita Sissy <3
      I will surely post pics of my prizes when i received them,and maybe will post it on Beauty Is Flirty! too :p


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