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Sunday, May 20, 2012


LinasBeautyDiary: MAC LIMITED EDITION ITEMS + BUTTER LONDON G-I-V-E-...: Hello Lovelies, it's finally Summer giveaway!  Whoot Whoot I've been meaning to spice things up this time by off...

Oh My Gosh!!! Oh My Gosh!!! Oh My Gosh!!! I really really really love this giveaway a lot,cause i've been meaning to try Butter London nail polishes for a while now,wait,did i said a while???i meant for so long time now,well,technically it's been 2 years already's considered a while now Lols.

And it has also 4 MAC Cosmetics makeups which is really really cool,man i love this giveaway a lot :p

By the way,this is the sixth giveaway i found for today,and so far,it's my favorite teehee....

1 MAC Tendertone in Hush Hush (from the Cook MAC Collection)

1 MAC Viva Glam Nicki Minaj Lipstick

1 MAC Blush in Modern Mandarin (from the Tres Cheek Collection)

1 MAC Dynamic Duo Eyeshadow (from the Reel Sexy Collection)

And lastly, 1 Butter London 3 Free Nail Lacquer in Victoriana <3.<3

And again,this giveaway is Open Internationally,so anyone in any country can join it,but make sure that your country allows to ship nail polishes and cosmetics to your house ;)

And the closing date is on 8th July, 2012 which you have like...1 month 1 week to join it,plenty of time to spare ;)

And so good luck to all who joins,includes me *wink wink*

By the way,it would be so greatful if i won this or anything else in July 2012,because it's my birth month,if i do win something i would make it as my birthday present Lol


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