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Monday, May 21, 2012

Amandalandish's Fun in the Sun Giveaway!

Amandalandish: Fun in the Sun Giveaway!: While I am still accepting submissions for my Nail Art(ish) Competition , I have decided I will also be having a Fun in the Sun Giveaway fe...

Hi,and sorry guys i'm trying to make this post as short as i can cause i'm actually in the hurry right now,i'm going out to a friend's party on a weekdays :D

Anyways, i found another giveaway on some random blog,teehee,this one is about nail polishes again cause i'm obsessed with nail polishes right now,i love it because they have many beautiful gorgeous colors for now

Anyways on to the giveaway from Amandalandish,is a:

Set Of 3 Fierce Franken summer collection created by the lovely Nory from Fierce Makeup and Nails which includes:
(Names lists from left-right)

1 Sea Glass
1 Beny Slushie
1 Pink Lemonade

Honestly,i never heard of this brand before cause i seldom really know much about nail polishes brands,cause i was a makeup lover last time,not really into nail polishes until now,now i'm obsessed-ly loving it :D

But i honestly love the color Sea Glass and Beny Slushie,cause it really screams out summer :D

So that's just about it,good luck to all beauties who's joining it :D



  1. Nice giveaway I have giveaway at

    1. Umm...Sherry,is that giveaway u're saying about has started?? :D


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