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Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Miss L Small Giveaway

sorry for long time no update for my followers ( not that i have that much follower :p )

anyways,while i was scrolling on my facebook account,i saw this awesome mini giveaway from a random post by a friend :D

and i so want to win this stuffs so so much,kudos for her for making this giveaway worldwide :D

 so,her giveaway comes with :

10 NYX Jumbo Eye Pencils in Black Bean, Pots&Pans, Milk, Baby Blue, Horse Raddish, French Fries, Yogurt,Pacific, Iced Mocha, Bronze


Oriflame Beauty Nail Food

and Gogo Philip Swallow Charm Necklace

P/S : All pictures i just copy from 
         So all copyrights to Miss L,i'm not stealing it from her :)


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